Great coachingHow can coaching help build a healthy working environment? The answer lies
Just in the very definition of the term; Namely that we can help with coaching
Help to liberate and develop individual’s potential. And this is the case
Just in line with our needs – both in terms of safeguarding and using one
Greater part of the human capital in the company and in relation to being able to provide the individual
Best possible development conditions.


Coaching is based On the equality concept and the development of trust. It builds
Further on the thought and the attitude that we all actually have the answers themselves, to whom
We are what we want to do, what we are good at and what we want to choose. But
The understanding in this perspective is that we have either displaced, forgotten or not
Conscious of our own “truth” – we need to be reminded of it and to visualize it
It for ourselves.

Examples of issues

Most people who come to Life Coaching experience that it smears something
Place it up and that they themselves can not find their way further. Concrete
Examples of issues that people come with can include:

High stress level in relation to your own situation, and where you do not know yourself
How to cope with this

Difficult relationships, where the relationship is important and necessary, but where
You do not know how to deal constructively with it

Experience of not getting used, claiming their opinions and
Views in a way that can give impact – either in relation to meetings,
Presentations, sales situations or the like

People who have a big job pressure feel alone in their work, and
Who do not know where to get energy and strength

Leaders who want to be better at delegation, accountability and


To illustrate and clarify the need for Life Coaching, we can take
Starting from the model below.

Through Life Coaching and Value Based Management
We encourage people to follow the good circle. Enterprises that manage to support people to
Choosing the good circle, where they contribute to each other’s success, are those companies
Who themselves will achieve success.


1. How to co-operate each other towards a responsibility and

In this example, the leader has delegated both responsibility and authority in
Connect with a project to a staff member. Then that situation occurs
Your employee is stuck and comes to you with the problem of getting solutions.
This may have several underlying reasons, such as a fear of not being
Good enough, a fear of making mistakes or an uncertainty in relation to your own
Solutions or expertise.

What do you do? Do you gladly give your own recipe and
proposed solution?

In that case, you have not actually delegated the responsibility, then you will take it back. You
Will not take advantage of this employee’s unique qualities, creative ideas
Or similar, but only get the solutions that you would choose. In such
In cases where we need to teach us to act as good coaches we will instead
To come up with the answers and solutions, ask questions like;