Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow

The Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow is a great and inexpensive crossbow for hunters. It is lightweight, fast, quiet and affordable. One of the things that distinguish a target bow from a hunting crossbow is its draw weight. The Barnett Raptor FX has a draw weight that is quite surprising and impressive.
Having a quality scope sight is another important requirement when choosing a crossbow. The choices range from single red dot which allows you to sight-in for a fixed distance. The Barnett FX is loaded with 4 X 32 multi-reticle scope which makes for great sighting save for its light gathering ability.
It took me about 15 minutes to unbox it and assemble the Raptor FX crossbow. Once you bring all the items out of the box, you have to install the riser on the stock followed by the foot stirrup. The foot stirrup allows you to cock the crossbow while keeping the crossbow in place.

The Raptor FX is packed with power out of proportion to its size. It can shoot through the chronograph at 323 feet per second which makes it deadly from distance. What I found amazing about this Best Crossbow Guide is its trigger pull. It has a trigger pull of 3.9 to 4.2 pounds. This is not exactly great but it is above average considering the price at which the Barnett is sold.

Carrying this crossbow through the woods won’t cause a strain on your shoulders.
It is not as heavy as some other premium models available on the market. It is great for walking through the bush and trees without getting wearied. The advertised weight on its amazon page says it is 6.5 pounds which turns out to be true. But when I added its other accessories like the scope and arrows to it, the weight quickly grew to 7.3 pounds, which is still lightweight.

The Barnett comes with everything you need to get into the wild and start hunting. The package has the crossbow, 3 bolts, 3 field points for practice, quiver scope with quick detach and a hand cocking device. Setting these accessories to the ground and assembling them is easy and you should be up and running in less than 15 minutes.
The quick detach quiver scope is a 4 X 32 multi-reticle scope similar to the one found in Bushnell’s premium binoculars. The scope is fog resistant and it provides clarity of the target but its light gathering ability is average. This scope is not useful when you’re in a lowly dimmed area.
One area where the Barnet Raptor Fx doesn’t offer much encouragement is in range and accuracy. It isn’t as accurate as some other crossbows out there on the market. It requires 3 shots minimum to hit the target after which you will need half inch groupings out of 40 yards. This could be a let off for a lot of hunters but it is adequate for most ground blind hunters who will take the bulk of their shots close to the prey.
The Raptor Fx comes with a 3-year warranty. The manufacturer has friendly customer service representatives who are knowledgeable about their products and are very helpful when dealing with customer complaints and issues.