Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Did you know you can add accessories to your inflatable hot tub?
No? Well then you’re missing out on a lot of things that you can do with your inflatable hot tub!
Below is a list of accessories for your inflatable hot tub that it will make your experience more exciting.

Beverage Holder: Keep your drinks from spilling into your inflatable hot tub by attaching a beverage holder in the side of your hot tub. There are even floating beverage holders that come in quirky and cute designs that you can bring along into your inflatable hot tub.

Hot Tub Seat: Need a little leverage in your hot tub? Why not attach hot tub seats to help you gain more leverage? They may be sold separately by the manufacturers and or be brought from a different store. These seats are slip resistant so you don’t have to worry about you or your children falling off.

Inflatable Bench: If you need more leg room in your hot tub but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your hot tub then having an inflatable bench attached on the side of your hot tub is the best portable hot tub reviews way to go. It may also be sold separately by some manufacturers or together as a package, although it may cost you more.

Maintenance Kit: Keeping your hot tub in top shape is the key to a long lifespan. Most inflatable hot tub package will include its own maintenance kit when you buy for the first time. A maintenance kit will help you not only keep your hot tub clean but also check if you put the correct portions of chemicals.

Hot Tub Cover: One of the most essential accessories for your inflatable hot tub is the hot tub cover, not only does it keep foreign substances and debris out of your hot tub but it will also give you peace of mind by keeping your children out of your inflatable hot tub when it’s not being used. These hot tub covers are heavy enough so your children will not be able to lift them without your help.

Ground Cloth: Another essential accessory for your inflatable hot tub is the ground cloth. You may use the ground cloth when you want to set up in uneven ground, similar to the hot tub cover, the ground cloth is used to protect your hot tub from being punctured.

Hot Tub Steps and Rails: While you can simply hop in and out of your hot tub, some people prefer to have something to hold on to especially if they have young children, this is where hot tub steps and rails come to your rescue when. These steps and rails are made of slip-resistant materials and can be stacked away easily if not in use.

Towel Rack: Keep your towel and robes dry with the help of a towel rack nearby.

Other accessories for your inflatable hot tub includes pillows that are waterproof, underwater lights and speakers that can float, a floating snack bar or snack candy that you can attach to the side of your hot tub for easy access
You may find them in the same stores where you brought your inflatable hot tub or through a specialty shop online.