If you have leased your car or have plans to sell it shortly, all the more that you need to have them go through car detailing.

What is car detailing?
This has always been a mystery to some car owners, which is why they are left to their imaginations as to what car detailing is. The common assumption they have in mind is how it goes through a car customization, which is a hobby that most sports car enthusiasts love to do. Another assumption is a higher level of car washing, but in a more detailed manner. Both of these assumptions are incorrect in some ways.

In essence, car detailing is about meticulously cleaning the car with the intention of making it look almost brand new – almost the same like it was first bought out of the showroom. It is made in a showroom quality for the purpose of placing a higher selling value for potential buyers. In other cases, it is to prevent getting penalized for returning a leased car that has a lot of dents and scratches.

Improve Selling Price
A vehicle that has been maintained well by its owner will always get the highest selling price tag. Car detailing is all about aesthetics, both outside and inside. A less wear and tear look on the exterior shows that it has been regularly waxed and cleaned well. A new and fresh look and feel of the interior shows that everything was well taken care of, especially in every nook and cranny that can’t be seen by the average naked eye.

This refers to when you hire a professional car detailer. Some car owners do the detailing themselves since most products are available for public use. However, these are individuals that are fond of regularly maintaining their vehicle because they know how valuable the vehicles will be if they are properly maintained. In your case, when you hire professionals to do the detailing work for you, you get to save time and the hassle of waxing, vacuuming and washing the car all by yourself. You leave all the work to the professionals since they know what they are doing. They can also work pretty fast on every detailing stage to make sure that their goal is met when they are working on your car. A lot of car detailing shops have pickup and drop-off points for their customers to use when detailing is done.

Few penalties
This pertains to leased cars. When you have your car leased, there comes the point in time that you need to return it. According to the contract, if there are any dents, scratches, etc. you will be fined a fee for its car detailing. It would’ve been better if the owner of the car will hire the detailing service, but it would be better off if you do it yourself. You never know how much they are going to charge you for it. You get better deals if you hire the car detailer yourself. This way, you get to avoid penalties.

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