The best way to keep good healthy skin

The best way to keep good healthy skin is to eat well check here at, sleep well and exercise regularly and drink lots of water. Simple, isn’t it? But we cannot do that all the time so we need a helping hand from top quality skin care products. We want to help you to decide which or what kind of skin care products you have to avoid and why.

It is difficult to decide on what the best skin care products could possibly be, because we are bombarded with advertising, testimonials and packaging which can all be deceiving at times so that does not help really. We may be swayed by brand images and pricing but few companies seek to educate us except perhaps to deceive us with false promises
Are expensive serums the answer?

First off, steer clear of extremely expensive serums which use exotic ingredients from the sea floor. This is a very powerful image, given that the oceans are filling up with plastic bags and whales are dying from eating them! To avoid excessive exposure to sun apply a sunscreen lotion to your body before getting out in the sun. Having a sensitive skin is very far different from the normal skin. We have to be more careful of choosing the skin products that we will be using.
Look out for some nasty customers
A careful look at the label on certain skin care products before we buy, is always good advice. Today market is flooded with many products of skin care and that is why we get fraught and difficult decisions. Some other products may cause irritation and they have been linked to mental disorders, endocrine disturbances and even gum disease. How can we spot some of the other culprits? Look out for Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) which is used by the companies to make the creams creamier. The only problem is that it can actually clog up our own natural oils. It has actually been shown to accelerate aging! Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) forms a nice foam but can penetrate the skin quickly and can damage heart, lungs and even the brain. Another one is Isopropyl which can strip our skin of its natural acidity.

What do the best skin care products contain?
Before buying or pulling out your credit card, look for natural organic ingredients which will gently nourish your skin. It is essential that you choose products skin care that contain a good deep cleanser in addition to moisturizers for your face. You must ensure that your pores are completely cleaned out when they are taking care of your skin so it can prevent the signs of aging.Then there are some revolutionary secret ingredients too, which can actually regenerate your levels of elastic and collagen. I also know about a nano-emulsion which can actually devour free radicals. If you think I am dreaming, why not click through and discover these skin care products for yourself?